London Schools Hydrogen Challenge

We will work with a single class (approx 30 pupils) for 1hr 30mins. Your class will work in groups of 3 to design a hydrogen powered model car from one of our kits. Each group will have the opportunity to test their design a number of times in order to improve their car to travel the furthest distance possible.

At the end of the workshop, the team with the most efficient car will be invited to represent their school at the final event, competing against other schools from across the capital.

The London Schools Hydrogen Challenge is subsidised by the Mayor of London through the Hydrogen London partnership, so taking part costs only £100 + VAT per workshop. We can run up to 3 workshops per day in your school, depending on your timetable.

workshops start on January 11th and run until March 11th 2016.

To book your workshop, please contact